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Who We Are

Inland Wraps is a fun, family oriented, fast-growing company with a mission to help your business succeed.

At Inland Wraps, we strive to design, produce and install the most effective vehicle wraps and graphics on the road. Period. We pride ourselves on our love of and knowledge of branding, marketing and advertising. We use that insight to design highly effective revenue generating graphics and wraps for our customers. When our customers succeed, we succeed. This is our primary goal, mission and passion

IW Team.png

Meet Our Team

Doug 7.8.22.png

Owner / President

As owner and visionary of Inland Wraps, Doug takes immense pride in putting customers and his employees FIRST. He fully devotes himself to facilitating an environment where everyone prospers.

At Inland Wraps, Doug not only oversees operations, but also considers himself as “part of the team”. He strives to provide nothing less than top quality service and high-quality products. His objective is focused on getting the max ROI (return on investment) for the long-term success of his customers and their companies. His superpower? He takes the time to understand the individual needs of his customers so that he can educate them about solutions that will work for them and their businesses. He is not interested in a “quick sale”, but instead is focused on nurturing long term business relationships with quality clients.

Quote: “I may be the captain of this team, but I have to play just as hard as everyone else in order for us to win!”

Fun Fact: Doug relishes in his OCD by making sure the stack of business cards is stacked perfectly daily. If there are instructions on how to do something, he will not read them.

Juell 7.8.22.png

Graphic Designer

With over 10 years of experience in the Graphic Arts industry, and the natural skills of an artist, Juell has the creativity to produce a vast array of effective and highly attractive designs. Her superpower is that she can create unique design styles that look nothing alike! She absolutely loves designing vehicle wraps, especially for motorsports like racing and offroad. She enjoys turning the ideas of her clients into a reality and strives to achieve customer satisfaction.

Quote: “I want my clients to get exactly what they want… It is their investment and I want to make sure they get their money’s worth.”

Fun Fact: Juell loves to ride motorcycles and her quad in the dunes

Sheila 7.8.22.png

Executive Manager

Inland Wraps would be nothing without Sheila’s administrative expertise and warm caring heart. Even though she runs her own full-time business as a massage therapist, she dedicates time to managing human resources and administrative tasks at Inland Wraps. Anyone who visits our facility, whether a customer, friend, or delivery person, is warmly welcomed to a complimentary fresh brewed cup of coffee, a cold beverage, and any snack to their liking. This is all thanks to her! Sheila’s superpower is her bright smile and friendly spirit. She takes extraordinary pride in making our office, and the experience of all visitors, an enjoyable and comfortable one.

Quote: “help me help you”

Fun Fact: Sheila was a Psychiatric Technician (Mental Health Nurse) for 20 years before working at Inland Wraps. Her favorite food is Pizza and she loves camping and outdoor activities.

Ivan 7.8.22.png

Production / Installer

Although Ivan is a fairly new addition to the industry, taking him for a rookie would be a grave mistake. His wrap installs can compete with (and even surpass) any seasoned installer. His attention to detail and finishing are not easily learned, yet he naturally possesses this ability. Ivan’s superpower? He always commits 100% to each install, meaning he does NOT, cannot, and will not, cut corners or sacrifice quality for any reason. As a 3M Preferred Fleet Graphics Installer, he is dedicated to maintaining and surpassing industry standards by always learning and staying in the know.

Quote: “Enjoy the little things”

Fun Fact: He enjoys cooking

Nicole 7.8.22.png

Executive Assistant

As a former elementary school teacher and behavior therapist, Nicole never thought she would be involved in vehicle wraps. Fortunately, she has flourished naturally since day 1 at Inland Wraps! Always ready to execute any task at hand, Nicole manages customer care, over-sees workflow, and utilizes her English language expertise to develop literature for marketing purposes. Her superpower is her ability to be diverse and effective in assisting any team member in creating solutions and completing tasks.

Quote: “I believe you get back what you put into any and everything.”

Fun fact: She is a musician, Sunday is her favorite day, and she is afraid of heights.

Bleu 7.8.22.png

Morale Officer

The office would not be as enjoyable without Bleu on jumping on our laps.

She was rescued from the San Bernardino Animal Shelter by her mama Juell and is now a full-time team member at Inland Wraps.

Though she sleeps most of the day, she loves greeting customers and getting belly rubs. Her responsibility is to make sure everyone is smiling and having a good day and she takes her job very seriously.


Fun Fact: She rides motorcycles and the UPS guy brings her treats every day.

Our Mission

Inland Wraps has a philanthropic spirit, and we care deeply about the businesses we serve. We honor that spirit and those businesses by doing our part to give back to the community through local charities and organizations.

Contact Inland Wraps today and give us the opportunity to reignite the passion in and increase the profitability of your business! 

Core Values


We will always treat our fellow employees, clients and all others with the respect and dignity due to them at all times. We value the talent, time and intentions of everyone we work with.


We are honest, professional and dedicated to doing what is best for our clients, employees, and the company. We openly collaborate in pursuit of the truth.


The quality of our work product is paramount, we will always strive to produce the best finished product possible and exceed our client’s expectations and our industry standards. We take great pride in our work and will not produce anything less than our personal best.


We will constantly seek to improve our talents, ourselves, our work product and our company. We do this to provide ever greater products and services for our customers and also for the satisfaction we receive from the growth itself.


We are human, and we all make mistakes. When this happens, we will always make it right with the aggrieved party. When we are wrong, we will accept responsibility, apologize and make amends in whatever manner is required. When we have been wronged we accept a genuine apology and make efforts to move forward.

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